Location - how to find me

FROM M4 Exit 11 Head south down the A33. Almost immediately turn left to Three Mile Cross and then to Shinfield. Turn right onto the A327 and then down to Arborfield. (You will be passing through the village towards Arborfield Green and a new housing development). To…

Arborfield Cross:  The Bull public house on your right; third exit on the big roundabout, then pass though the village with the Swan pub on your right.

You come to another big roundabout where the road (from Wokingham) joins the crook of the A327 which is bending right. On the roundabout take the small road at 12-00 to Penrose Park: i.e. do not carry on in the same direction along the A327. This would take you to Eversley.

The road bends right almost immediately, becoming Baird Road. Follow on, past the back of the pub called the Bramshill Hunt, ignoring the big entrance labelled ‘Penrose Park’ (mini-roundabout) & Arbery Way on your left. Rayner Drive is the second turn left (mini-roundabout).

Rayner Drive almost immediately turns right at another mini-roundabout. We are number 15, in the cul-de-sac which you run into by not taking that turn – the first house on the right.

Park on the road beside the house. The ground around is level, and wheelchair access is possible.